About Acrocanthosaurus

1 Facts
1.1 Characteristics
The largest known specimen (NCSM 14345) is estimated to have measured 11.5 m (38 ft) from snout to tail tip and weighed 5.7 t (6.3 short tons) to 6.2 t (6.8 short tons), with an upper maximum weight of 7.25 t (7.99 short tons) within the realm of possibility for this specimen . The skull of Acrocanthosaurus , like most other allosauroids , was long, low and narrow . The lacrimal and postorbital bones met to form a thick brow over the eye, as seen in carcharodontosaurids and the unrelated abelisaurids . Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus shared a thick horizontal ridge on the outside surface of the surangular bone of the lower jaw, underneath the articulation with the skull . The most notable feature of Acrocanthosaurus was its row of tall neural spines, located on the vertebrae of the neck, back, hips and upper tail, which could be more than 2.5 times the height of the vertebrae from which they extended . Acrocanthosaurus was bipedal, with a long, heavy tail counterbalancing the head and body, m
1.2 Meaning
high-spined lizard
1.3 Pronounced
1.4 Diet
1.4.1 Diet Content
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1.5 Habitat
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1.6 Interesting Facts
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2 Fossils
2.1 Fossil representation
The function of the spines remains unknown, although they may have been involved in communication , fat storage, or temperature control . Aside from its vertebrae, Acrocanthosaurus had a typical allosauroid skeleton .
2.2 Time Period
2.2.1 Era
Early Cretaceous
2.2.2 Was Present
125 - 112 million years ago
2.3 Discovery
2.3.1 Year
1950-01-01 (1950)
2.3.2 Named By
2.3.3 First Discovery
3 Characteristics
3.1 Size
3.1.1 Height
1.98 m
3.1.2 Weight
7250 kg
3.1.3 Length
11.5 m
3.2 Teeth
3.2.1 Shape
as it became known after an actual scientific description three years later, means high-spined lizard from Atoka County. However, it isnt unique to Atoka County. Its bones have been found in Oklahoma and Arizona, and what may or may not be its teeth have been collected in Maryland and other far-flung places right across North America. But the largest and best-represented specimen, which just happens to be attached to the most interesting story, was discovered in McCurtain County in 1983.
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4 Classification
4.1 Kingdom
4.2 Phylum
4.3 Class
4.4 Clade
4.5 Order
4.6 Suborder
4.7 Superorder
4.8 Family
4.9 Subfamily
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4.10 Tribe
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4.11 Genus
4.12 Species
A. atokensis

Acrocanthosaurus Features

Dinosaurs are extinct reptiles. Their colors are still unknown! They lived in different environments. Let's learn about Acrocanthosaurus features. All the dinosaurs were vertebrates, since all had skeletons with back bones that surrounded a nerve cord. Acrocanthosaurus Characteristics are as follows:

  • Height : 1.98 m
  • Weight : 7250 kg
  • Length : 11.5 m

Even before humans came into existence, there were dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles that lived in "Age of Reptiles".There were different kinds of dinosaurs that lived at different times. Acrocanthosaurus Classification is as follows:

  • Acrocanthosaurus Kingdom: Animalia
  • Acrocanthosaurus Class: Reptilia
  • Acrocanthosaurus Clade: Dinosauria
  • Acrocanthosaurus Family: Allosauridae
  • >
  • Acrocanthosaurus Species: A. atokensis
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