Aerosteon Facts

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1.1 Characteristics
Aerosteon was discovered in the Anacleto Formation in 1996 but wasnt unveiled until 2008. Unfortunately, it was named online so further delay followed as its description fell short of the ICZNs code of taxonomic nomenclature—to be classed as official all critters must be named in physical print—but by making ink and paper copies available by post from Plos Ones Berry Street office the following year the code was satisfied. 21st May 2009 is its official publication date. An allosauroid, specifically a neovenatorid allosauroid, and more specifically a megaraptoran neovenatorid allosauroid (though a position in Tyrannoauridae has recently been mooted), Aerosteon was a big boy at around nine meters in length, but was a bit of a lightweight because of what bods call extensive pneumatization—air holes in its bones—which prompted a bit of argy-bargy between lead author Paul Sereno and Matt Wedel.
1.2 Meaning
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1.4 Diet
1.4.1 Diet Content
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1.5 Habitat
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Aerosteon Diet

Aerosteon Information tells us about its characteristics, diet, habitat etc.Aerosteon diet tells us whether it is carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous. Herbivores feed on plants and grass, whereas the carnivores feed on other animals or even other dinosaurs. Omnivores eat both animal and plants. Depending on its diet, we can say that it is Carnivore. The meaning of the name will also tell you something about that dinosaur. The correct pronunciation of it is Air-oh-stee-on.

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