Alxasaurus Characteristics

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1 Characteristics
1.1 Size
1.1.1 Height
2 m
1.1.2 Weight
400 kg
1.1.3 Length
3.8 m
1.2 Teeth
1.2.1 Shape
individuals in Chinas Bayin-Gobi Formation shed some much-needed light on these obscure critters, as a small bone called a semi-lunate carpal—which allowed its hands to be folded backwards at the wrist and held against the body, just like modern birds—is found only in maniraptoran theropods. Maniraptora includes the most advanced carnivorous theropods, such as oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurs, troodontids, and even birds.
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Nigersaurus Cha..
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Alxasaurus Size

Dinosaurs share variety of skeletal features. Alxasaurus Fossils found give us information about its length, height, weight and other features of this dinosaur. The size of dinosaurs is enormous and contradicted all the laws of physics and the reason for their huge size is still not completely identified yet. Alxasaurus Characteristics tells us about its size and shape of body. Alxasaurus size tell us that its length is 3.8 m and was 2 m tall. Itweighed 400 kg.

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