Fossils of Aachenosaurus and Alnashetri

1 Fossils
1.1 Fossil representation
Not Available
       Althoughonly named from the description of hind legs, Alnashetrihas beenidentified as an alvaresauroid. These small theropods are noted forhaving short stubby arms with single claws pointing out, which mayhelped them to feed upon certain types of prey like insects. Thisremains unknown for certain with Alnashetri sinceat the time of itsdescription these parts have still not been found, but in life thegenus is still expected to have this specialised limb reduction, orat least a form of. Another problem with the lack of further remainsfor this genus is that it is hard to establish how it is related toother similar dinosaurs, but this can all change if another discoveryof a more complete individual is made.,       Thename Alnashetri is from the Tehuelchan for‘slender thighs’. Thespecies name A.
1.2 Time Period
1.2.1 Era
Late Cretaceous
1.2.2 Was Present
84 million years ago
97 million years ago
1.3 Discovery
1.3.1 Year
1.3.2 Named By
Gerard Smets
1.3.3 First Discovery
La Buitrera

Location of Aachenosaurus and Alnashetri

Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent of Earth, including Antarctica. Fossils help us understand what the dinosaurs were like. Information can be gathered from sources such as fossilized bones, footprints, stomach stones, feces, internal organs, soft tissues, eggs and feathers.Fossils of Aachenosaurus and Alnashetri will help us to compare them, group them and also know Facts about Aachenosaurus and Alnashetri. Location of Aachenosaurus and Alnashetri provides us the information about place where fossils of these dinosaurs were found. The Aachenosaurus was present in 84 million years ago. The era of its living is Late Cretaceous. The fossils of the same where found in the year of 1888-01-01 (1888). The discovery was named by Gerard Smets. On the other hand, the living era of Alnashetri is Cretaceous. Approx 97 million years ago they have known to have existed. The remains were found in the year of 2012-01-01 (2012). It was named by Buitreraptor.

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