Fossils of Elrhazosaurus

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1 Fossils
1.1 Fossil representation
Femur (upper leg/thigh , bone).
1.2 Time Period
1.2.1 Era
1.2.2 Was Present
115 million years ago
1.3 Discovery
1.3.1 Year
1.3.2 Named By
1.3.3 First Discovery

Elrhazosaurus Discovery

The very first dinosaur fossil was a thigh bone found in the year 1787 by Dr. Caspar Wistar in the US. The study of Elrhazosaurus fossils gives us an image of the dinosaur and also tells us a lot about the Elrhazosaurus Characteristics.In early 19th Century, fossils found were formally recognized as the dinosaurs. Fossils of Elrhazosaurus include : Femur (upper leg/thigh , bone).The dinosaurs first came into existence in the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era which was about 248 to 65 million years ago. The time period in which Elrhazosaurus lived is Cretaceous and was present 115 million years ago. Elrhazosaurus discovery is credited to Galton. It was named and described in the year 2009-01-01 (2009).

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